Our stones have been cut and calibrated specifically for nail art. each stone is hand selected by athena for the highest quality possible.

About AthenA

Meet Athena Elliott (pronounced AHH-the-naah), 36-year industry veteran and founder of five-star rated salon, SPAthena, in Houston, Texas. More recently Athena has launched an industry-leading, exotic nail art embellishments company, AthenA ROCKS.

In addition to working in her busy salon, Athena is a National Trainer for LCN-USA Barefoot. Milestones in her busy career include developing the Medical Nail Tech Certification (1st in the country) and receiving national acclaim for her pioneering work by being named “Nail Tech of the Year” by Nails Magazine.

Athena’s entrepreneurial spirit leads her to develop new resources and innovative ideas to improve and expand the nail industry. She is the creator of Nail Talk Radio, a weekly 90-minute radio and Internet broadcast dedicated to the nail professional airing since 2010. She is also the co-creator of the Safe Salon Rating mobile app seen on ABC 20/20 and more recently The Dr. Oz Show.  

Athena Elliott lives and breathes for the nail industry. She is in her element when creating new designs and concepts. But even before she began her work with nails, she was passionate about rock hunting and polishing. Her exploration into natural elements started as a child with simple rocks, gravel, and sand.

Today she is a self-taught  in natural elements and nail appliques. For Athena, the merger of her expertise in nail care with her love of all rocks was the natural next step.

Athena recognizes the physical beauty of rocks, whether occurring in nature or after cutting and polishing. She appreciates the story every rock has to tell from creation to fashion.   Many believe gemstones are a stepping-stone into the metaphysical world. Their unique molecular structure and healing powers make them ideal for accessories and nail décor.  

Her personal and professional goal is to build industry knowledge, teach skills to others, and improve the way the nail industry is viewed by professionals and consumers.


Our Products

Gemstones - hand picked by AthenA for the best quality possible.

Sea Gems - these are the tiniest treasures the sea has to offer you.

Super Exotics- Snake skin, tiny pennies and other nail art curiosities. 

Pretty Hand Props - use these to take your pics.

Stone Chips - natural in shape, healing stones for nails.

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