Your next crush!!!

Hey Rock Hounds,

We have been seriously busy over here.  First I want to say THANK YOU so much for making this year a great one. Athena ROCKS first  anniversary was on my birthday April 10th.  I have been working on some really fantastic stuff to roll for your continued support all year long. 

We have attended a few pro only trade shows this year...and had to close the shop down.

April 24th  Best lil' Nail Show TEXAS  we hope you can come on down and visit us.  

May 1st  Willamette Valley Nail Event

 I am a one-woman operation and  spread myself  thin with  my radio show, Nail Talk Radio and salon. I am working on the inventory now and will open the store  June 30th and will begin shipping right after the holiday weekend July 5th!

***If you have ordered while the shop was closed, you have not been charged as the order came in as a TEST.*** 

Torie Bastian 

Torie Bastian 

Everyone is crushing on our new OPAL CRUSH! Named after some of my favorite people in the industry, you will find 7 colors on the website.  Use for inlay work or create your own cabochons! A little goes a long way.   

As soon as I catch up on re-posting all of your incredible nail designs, look for my newest #XanaduOpals to post on my instagram!

Lots of love and light



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